Hire a freelance PHP / Linux expert for your project

We know our <?php stuff

  • complete e-commerce websites
  • presentation websites
  • advertising platforms
  • payment gateways
  • various web interfaces and APIs
  • data mining/grabbing solutions
  • migrating and fixing old PHP code

From WinNMP to Linux

We are the creators of WinNMP (PHP stack for Windows)
and the admins of WTriple Hosting (Managed Nginx Linux Hosting)
with a long experience as Full Stack web developers using

Dynamic young team



  • we charge by the hour, based on the estimated number of hours required
  • our prices are low and competitive, and depend on the complexity of the project
  • we accept PayPal , Bitcoin and Monero , but we will charge a little more on crypto, depending on the volatility of the chosen coin.
  • prices are lower for new projects hosted on our WTriple Hosting servers
  • a payment is required only when the work is done, or for major milestones

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